Rainbow Bridge






Premier Keverstone Uptowngirl

Born August 1998 - September 2009

Billie Cat, aka Fat Cat was litter sister to Buddy, but they were like chalk and cheese. Billie was a big affectionate softie who loved to sit on my knee. She loved her food and everyone else's too. Billie Cat passed away peacefully.....



Cocoon Boucheron

Born June 2005 - October 2008

Sasha was Perl's daughter from her first litter in 2005. Sasha produced her first litter of five kittens in 2006. The kittens were big and chunky.

Sasha loved to play fight with her mum, it was usually mum who came off the worst. Sasha was the light of my life a truly exceptional tortie.


Keverstone Bud Wiser

Born August 1998 - October 2009

Buddy was the boss, top cat, you wouldn't think so because he was not the biggest of our cats. He was a chatty cat and called him the ginger whinger.

Buddy's claim to fame was in 1999 when he was 10 months old he won his open class at the Maine Coon Cat Show beating two well established titled cats. The house is very quiet without him....



Premier Keverstone Dropdeadgorgus

Born April 2001 - September 2012

Twiggy has the typical characteristic temperament of the Maine Coon. She is so placid and easy going and everyone's pal. Twiggy was born with a flat chest (hence the name) we didn't know whether she would survive. As Twiggy has grown her chest now is normal. RIP